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Go home to eat with Loya!

Go home for dinner! What is full by gathering with your family on the hot tray of Vietnamese traditional meal.

If you have not had chance to go home yet, let Loya take you to some Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon.

Imagine that you are enjoying delicious food and sitting in peaceful place, Loya is sure that you will get more joys on your weekend.

  1. Secret Garden RestaurantImage may contain: foodImage: @louise.dr @lylychuu @wapowee
  2. Chị Hoa – Vietnamese CuisineImage may contain: foodImage:  @chihoavietnamesecuisine @awkwardcats @_chen.lu_
  3. Năm Mười Mười LămNo photo description available.Image:  @nammuoimuoilam
  4. Quán BụiImage may contain: foodImage: @quanbui_restaurant @kellanskitchen @yonjeong
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[San Fu Lou] San Fu Lou gives you a roast duck on your birthday.

???? Is your birthday this month? Do not miss this attractive promotion at San Fu Lou restaurant.
???? San Fu Lou gives you a dish of Hong Kong roast duck for a group of 4 – 6 people.
???? San Fu Lou gives you two dishes of Hong Kong roast duck for a group of  7 – 10 people.

– This promotion is valid on your birthday month.
– This promotion is not valid on holidays or comes with others promotion.

???? Call this Hotline for more advice and booking: 0934.148.974

Image may contain: people sitting, table and food


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Visit 4 locations selling Japanese Dessert in Ho Chi Minh City


Image may contain: food

Image: @dongpsb @tranvuvuong194 

Miyama is the first Restaurant Cafe with Tokyo style in Ho Chi Minh city and is also established by a group of people having a passion for modern Japanese culinary culture. If you are a sweet lover and keen on an ornate decorations, Miyama is a great choice for you.



Image may contain: food and text

Image: @minniechan91 @pha.foodie

Morico is famous for their creative desserts. Moreover, Morico also “covers” throughout Ho Chi Minh city with 7 locations waiting for you to visit.



Image may contain: one or more people and food

Image: @maryderoux @annie.cookiie

Nanachan specializes in “the production” of Japanese ice creams and crepes. If coming to Nanachan, do not forget to enjoy 2 signatures here (Fresh charcoal cream with cookies and Creme Brulee Crepe).



Image may contain: food

Image: @nekgnil @nianomnom @trammie1004

Besides drinks and ice creams, A Happy Tea becomes a favorite location for its space. A Happy Tea is decorated by simple colors, it makes us comfortable to “stay”. That is a reason that this location is one of the “top” choice in Ho Chi Minh city.


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[BASTA HiRo] Flash Hours at BASTA HiRo Ha Ba Trung

How does 99.000 lunch express sound to you?

⚡️ Grab a seat at Basta Hiro – 74B Hai Ba Trung, District 1 from 10:30 – 14:00 everyday and enjoy a pleasant afternoon experience with us!

⚡️ This exclusive lunch set consists of 01 PIZZA or 01 PASTA, paired with 01 Soft Drink.

*** This promotion is not applied with other discounts and membership card.
*** Applied for selected pizzas and pasta.

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What do you usually do after work on Friday?

????????????Today, Loya will introduce to you some “options” to meet and chill with your friends after a week of intense work.


This is the most famous chain of craft beer in Viet Nam. Bia Craft is also a place where distributes and launches all craft beers on the market. In Ho Chi Minh city, there are 5  branches that you can come and enjoy.

Image may contain: 1 person, drink, food and indoor

Image @BiaCraftArtisanAles


This is the first brand of craft beer in Saigon. When craft beer did not become popular, Pasteur Street Brewing was always the first choice appearing in the fans’s mind.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Image @jimmyseriouslee @jin_at_the_moment @secondarie


Besides its nice view, Rogue Saigon also attracts their customers from their gout of music, activities and music game. Specially, they have a stage for underground singers to come and express themself.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Image @mmyquyenn @srnofer8 @tawanon


In Ho Chi Minh city, there is only one beer restaurant of East West. Moreover, inside the restaurant is a factory area where craft beer is produced daily to give drinkers the freshest beer.

Image may contain: drink

Image @alinamanuylovich @dangkhoi2604 @hoangbi_


This is a Belgian “flavor” because all beers here are brewed and use ingredients from Belgium. Belgo is a great place for you to enjoy the differances and novelty of beer.

Image may contain: food

Image @boldrock @sea_na1 @thanhduc1209

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