Go home to eat with Loya!

Go home for dinner! What is full by gathering with your family on the hot tray of Vietnamese traditional meal.

If you have not had chance to go home yet, let Loya take you to some Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon.

Imagine that you are enjoying delicious food and sitting in peaceful place, Loya is sure that you will get more joys on your weekend.

  1. Secret Garden RestaurantImage may contain: foodImage: @louise.dr @lylychuu @wapowee
  2. Chị Hoa – Vietnamese CuisineImage may contain: foodImage:  @chihoavietnamesecuisine @awkwardcats @_chen.lu_
  3. Năm Mười Mười LămNo photo description available.Image:  @nammuoimuoilam
  4. Quán BụiImage may contain: foodImage: @quanbui_restaurant @kellanskitchen @yonjeong